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Jan. 01, 1994Japan20 Min.Not Rated
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When Earth is tearing itself apart by means of crime, pollution and war, aliens choose the time to invade, taking advantage of the lowering of everyone’s guard. The Japanese government establishes an elite police organization known as Blue SWAT to combat the aliens, known as the Space Mafia. The aliens attack by possessing humans to obtain their goals. When an alien possesses the chief of the Blue SWAT unit to infiltrate the organization, it manages to completely demolish their building of operations and murder all but three SWAT members; Shou, Sara and Sig.
Título original ブルースワット



Souji Masaki isShou Narumi
Shou Narumi
Yuka Shiratori isSara Misugi
Sara Misugi
Miyuki Nagato isMademoiselle Q/Queen
Mademoiselle Q/Queen
Yuuichirou Komine isJisp (Voice)
Jisp (Voice)

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