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GARO Special: Beast of the Demon Night

GARO Special: Beast of the Demon Night

Dec. 15, 2006Japan105 Min.Not Rated
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In the aftermath events of GARO: Chapter of the Black Wolf, Saejima Kouga sets out to the northern district upon reassignment. While hunting down Horrors, a young priestess named Rin informs Kouga that she’s been sent by Priest Amon to save a presumed dead friend in the Makai realm within Kantai, Jabi. Kouga teams up with Rin in a quest to save Jabi as they are hindered by supernatural and Makai forces alike. Meanwhile somewhere in Japan the dark Horror lord Legules was resurrected and plots a means to alter a supernatural event called White Night within Kantai to plunge the world into darkness with his “family.” It’s the final chapter of GARO as Kouga puts his life on the line to save Jabi and defeat Legules before the world is ruined.
GARO Special: Beast of the Demon Night
GARO Special: Beast of the Demon Night
Título original 牙狼〈GARO〉スペシャル 白夜の魔獣
IMDb Rating 8.2 72 votos
TMDb Rating 7.7 3 votos



Ryosei Konishi isKouga Saejima
Kouga Saejima
Ray Fujita isRei Suzumura
Rei Suzumura
Shouma Yamamoto isTsubasa Yamagatana
Tsubasa Yamagatana
Yuzumi Shibamoto isRin Yamagatana
Rin Yamagatana
Kazue Tsunogae isMakai Priest Garai
Makai Priest Garai
Akaji Maro isMakai Priest Amon
Makai Priest Amon
Ryuusei Sawahata isYoung Kouga Saejima
Young Kouga Saejima

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