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Kamen Rider Kabuto: God Speed Love

Kamen Rider Kabuto: God Speed Love

Aug. 05, 2006Japan66 Min.Not Rated
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In 1999, an enormous meteor crashed onto Earth carrying extraterrestrial creatures known as Worms within it. These creatures took on the identities of real humans and then killed them. In order to counter this new threat, ZECT was formed, who in turn created the Masked Rider System to combat the Worms. The battles lasts over seven years, depleting Earth’s resources and turning it into a barren wasteland. By present time, power struggles in ZECT have caused a new group, known as Neo-ZECT, to be created. Souji Tendou, a man weilding the Kabuto Zector, decides to sell his power to either ZECT or Neo-Zect for unkown reasons.
Kamen Rider Kabuto: God Speed Love
Título original 劇場版 仮面ライダーカブト GOD SPEED LOVE
IMDb Rating 6.6 186 votos
TMDb Rating 6.5 13 votos



Hiro Mizushima isSouji Tendou · Kamen Rider Kabuto
Souji Tendou · Kamen Rider Kabuto
Yuki Sato isArata Kagami · Kamen Rider Gatack
Arata Kagami · Kamen Rider Gatack
Yui Satonaka isHiyori Kusakabe
Hiyori Kusakabe
Katsuya Kobayashi isHidenari Oda · Kamen Rider Hercus
Hidenari Oda · Kamen Rider Hercus
Mitsuki Koga isTetsuki Yamamoto · Kamen Rider Ketaros
Tetsuki Yamamoto · Kamen Rider Ketaros
Musashi isIssei Kurosaki · Kamen Rider Caucasus
Issei Kurosaki · Kamen Rider Caucasus
Reina Fujii isHiyori from 7 Years Ago
Hiyori from 7 Years Ago
Sean Wiig isTendou from 7 Years Ago
Tendou from 7 Years Ago
Natsumi Okumura isJuka Tendou
Juka Tendou
Kaori Asano isSatomi Kusakabe
Satomi Kusakabe

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