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Kamen Rider Kiva: King of the Infernal Castle

Kamen Rider Kiva: King of the Infernal Castle

An aerial war that challenges the ancient King. The strongest parent-child Rider in history attacks a giant Rider.Aug. 09, 2008Japan71 Min.Not Rated
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When a powerful new foe known as the Legendorga arises in 2008, Wataru investigates the mystery behind the crisis, which brings him in contact with a man Nago once knew, Shiramine Takato, whose 3WA also possess their own Rider System. When Shiramine explains how everything began in 1986, Wataru uses Castle Doran’s Time Door to travel back in time, leading him to meet his father face-to-face at last. But has Wataru managed to change the future, or will the Legendorga still rise and enslave humanity?
Kamen Rider Kiva: King of the Infernal Castle
Título original 劇場版 仮面ライダーキバ 魔界城の王
IMDb Rating 5.8 98 votos
TMDb Rating 7.4 7 votos


Ryuta Tasaki


Koji Seto isWataru Kurenai / Kamen Rider Kiva
Wataru Kurenai / Kamen Rider Kiva
Kouhei Takeda isOtoya Kurenai / Kamen Rider Ixa Prototype
Otoya Kurenai / Kamen Rider Ixa Prototype
Shouma Yamamoto isTakato Shiramine / Kamen Rider Rey
Takato Shiramine / Kamen Rider Rey
Ken Horiuchi isTakashi Sugimura / Kamen Rider Arc
Takashi Sugimura / Kamen Rider Arc
Nana Yanagisawa isMegumi Aso / Kamen Rider Ixa
Megumi Aso / Kamen Rider Ixa
Tomokazu Sugita isKivat-bat the 3rd (voice)
Kivat-bat the 3rd (voice)
Kato Keisuke isKeisuke Nago / Kamen Rider Ixa
Keisuke Nago / Kamen Rider Ixa
Yu Takahashi isYuri Aso / Kamen Rider Ixa Prototype
Yuri Aso / Kamen Rider Ixa Prototype
Kohei Kumai isKengo Eritate
Kengo Eritate
Rina Koike isShizuka Nomura
Shizuka Nomura

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