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Kikaider REBOOT

Kikaider REBOOT

Good or bad? Even if this "machine (heart)" breaks, I will protect you.May. 24, 2014Japan110 Min.Not Rated
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The movie is set in the near future, when the “ARK Project” has initiated a program to increase the quality of human life through the peaceful use of robots. Dr. Komyoji, the chief scientist on the project, has developed a process to create a robot with a figurative human “heart” through the installation of a “conscience circuit”, but his plans are violently opposed by researcher Gilbert Kanzaki. When Dr. Komyoji is killed in an apparent accident, his children Masaru and Mitsuko are targeted by mysterious forces within the ARK Project looking to gain control of the scientist’s research data. But the villains are opposed by Jiro, the android with a human conscience who fights for justice as the hero Kikaider.
Kikaider REBOOT
Título original キカイダー REBOOT
IMDb Rating 5.6 143 votos
TMDb Rating 7.5 6 votos



Jingi Irie isJiro / Kikaider
Jiro / Kikaider
Aimi Satsukawa isMitsuko Komyoji
Mitsuko Komyoji
Yuta Ikeda isMasaru Komyoji
Masaru Komyoji
Maryjun Takahashi isAndroid Mari
Android Mari
Shingo Tsurumi isGilbert Kamisaki / Hakaider
Gilbert Kamisaki / Hakaider
Daisuke Ban isKyujiro Maeno
Kyujiro Maeno
Renji Ishibashi isShinnosuke Tanabe
Shinnosuke Tanabe
Kazushige Nakashima isDr. Nobuhiko Komyoji
Dr. Nobuhiko Komyoji
Hirotaro Honda isSogoro Honda
Sogoro Honda

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