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Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger: 10 YEARS AFTER

Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger: 10 YEARS AFTER

10 YEARS AFTER!Oct. 07, 2015Japan45 Min.Not Rated
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Eight years after saving the SPD from Agent Abrella’s scheme, the Dekarangers parted ways with Ban joining the Fire Squad, Jasmine marrying Hikaru Hiwatari, and Swan working independently while Tetsu, Hoji, Sen, and Umeko continue working under Doggie Kruger. But after an incident occurred that hospitalized Kruger on planet Revaful wherein he was labeled as a dirty cop for an apparent dealing with the Qurlian Crime Family, which went awry with the death of a civilian witness, Tetsu takes over the Earth Branch. Two years later, joined by rookie officers Assam Asimov and Mugi Grafton, who had taken over the positions of Deka Red and Deka Yellow respectively, Hoji, Sen and Umeko encounter a Clementian named Carrie who is being hunted by Mechanoids.
Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger: 10 YEARS AFTER
Título original 特捜戦隊デカレンジャー: 10 YEARS AFTER
IMDb Rating 8.2 43 votos
TMDb Rating 8.25 4 votos



Ryuji Sainei isBanban 'Ban' Akaza / Deka Red
Banban 'Ban' Akaza / Deka Red
Tsuyoshi Hayashi isHouji 'Hoji' Tomasu / Deka Blue
Houji 'Hoji' Tomasu / Deka Blue
Yousuke Itou isSenichi 'Sen-chan' Enari / Deka Green
Senichi 'Sen-chan' Enari / Deka Green
Ayumi Kinoshita isReimon 'Jasmine' Marika / Deka Yellow
Reimon 'Jasmine' Marika / Deka Yellow
Mika Kikuchi isKoume 'Umeko' Kodou / Deka Pink
Koume 'Umeko' Kodou / Deka Pink
Yuuichi Yoshida isTekkan 'Tetsu' Aira / Deka Break
Tekkan 'Tetsu' Aira / Deka Break
Tetsu Inada isDoggie Kruger (voice)
Doggie Kruger (voice)
Mako Ishino isSwan 'Swan-San' Shiratori
Swan 'Swan-San' Shiratori
Rakuto Tochihara isAssam Asimov / Neo Deka Red
Assam Asimov / Neo Deka Red
Mizuho Hata isMugi Grafton / Neo Deka Yellow
Mugi Grafton / Neo Deka Yellow

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