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Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes

Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes

Feb. 27, 202050 Min.
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Somewhere on a distant planet, X and Geed were defeated by a pair of black Ultramen who bore their likenesses in appearance. At the same time, an old enemy of Taro named Ultra Dark-Killer targeted both Zero and Grigio, forcing Taro to recruit the New Generation Heroes to stop the League of Darkness.
Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes
Título original ウルトラギャラクシーファイト ニュージェネレーションヒーローズ



Takuya Negishi isUltraman Ginga
Ultraman Ginga
Uji Kiyotaka isUltraman Victory
Ultraman Victory
Hideo Ishiguro isUltraman Orb
Ultraman Orb
Tatsuomi Hamada isUltraman Geed
Ultraman Geed
Yuya Hirata isUltraman Rosso
Ultraman Rosso
Ryosuke Koike isUltraman Blu
Ultraman Blu
Arisa Sonohara isUltrawoman Grigio
Ultrawoman Grigio
Mamoru Miyano isUltraman Zero
Ultraman Zero
Wataru Komada isUltraman Ribut
Ultraman Ribut

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