BIMA Satria Garuda

BIMA Satria Garuda

Jun. 30, 2013
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1Temporada 1 Jun. 29, 2013



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The story of BIMA Satria Garuda begins in the Dunia Paralel (“Parallel World”), a world which is ruled by VUDO Empire and is on the verge of collapse. The Parallel World is a world that lives in perpetual darkness, where nature has no source of life because of VUDO’s ambitions for power. Rasputin is the evil and cruel lord of VUDO. He wants to find another world, to seize its natural resources to revive the Parallel World and expand VUDO’s powers. Two scientists on Earth manages to create a portal that connects the Earth and other galaxies, which on VUDO’s advantage finally reveal a target world that can be seized. Ray Bramasakti is given the Power Stone Merah (“Red”) from a mysterious young man named Mikhail to stop Rasputin and VUDO’s evil attempts to take over Earth. By possessing the Power Stone Merah, Ray has the power to transform into BIMA, the Garuda Knight.
BIMA Satria Garuda
Título original BIMA Satria Garuda
TMDb Rating 10 1 votos
Fecha de primera emisión Jun. 30, 2013
Última transmisión Aug. 23, 2015
Temporadas 2
Episodios 76
Duración media 21 minutos

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