Ultraman: Towards the Future

Ultraman: Towards the Future

Sep. 25, 1990
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1Temporada 1 Sep. 25, 1990



Dore Kraus isJack Shindo / Ultraman
Jack Shindo / Ultraman
Gia Carides isJean Echo
Jean Echo
Ralph Cotterill isCaptain Arthur Grant
Captain Arthur Grant
Matthew O'Sullivan isUltraman (voice)
Ultraman (voice)
John Bonney isNarrator
Lloyd Morris isCharles Morgan
Charles Morgan
Grace Parr isKim Shaomin
Kim Shaomin
Jay Hackett isStanley Haggard
Stanley Haggard

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Jack Shindo and Stanley Haggard are members of the first manned expedition to Mars, and on the red planet find a giant slug-like monster, Goudes/Gudis. Shindo is pinned by a rockslide and Haggard tries to escape in their ship but is blown up by Gudis. Suddenly a giant warrior, Ultraman Great, arrives and fights Goudes, but when Ultraman is on the verge of victory Goudes changes into a virus and travels to Earth where it mutates other creatures into monsters and awakens existing ones. Needing a human host to survive on Earth, Ultraman joins with Jack, allowing him to become the mighty alien when all seems lost. He joins UMA in order to help them battle the monsters.
Título original Ultraman: Towards the Future
TMDb Rating 9 3 votos
Fecha de primera emisión Sep. 25, 1990
Última transmisión Jun. 27, 1991
Temporadas 1
Episodios 13
Duración media 25 minutos

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