Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave: Temporada 1

Apr. 01, 2017
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Peace returns to Earth after the Kyoryugers destroyed the Deboth Army. One day, a huge spaceship empowered by space dinosaurs approaches the Earth and unveiled the Neo Deboth Army, who wishes for revenge against the Earth Zyudenryu and sought “the power of dragon king” to conquer the planet. Sensing their presence, Torin’s spirit goes with Luckyuro and Candelilla to find the new “People of the Strong Dragons”. An army of Zorima invaded the city, forcing idol Kim Sechang and police officer Jeon Hyeonjun to fend against them. During the fight, the child of the dragon Kwon Juyong joins in and fought against the Zorima army while a strange white dinosaur appeared on his shoulder. Seeing Daigo’s image on Juyong, Torin entrusted the youth with GabuGaburivolver and the Zyudenchi.

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